Pep- Available

Name: Pep Sex: M Age: 3-4 Children: age 13+ Dog friendly? Yes could live with a female Other animals: no Health – No health issues but being a blue requires a good diet to help his coat. In the home – Pep is house trained and great with visitors. He does have separation anxiety so Read more about Pep- Available[…]

Della- Available

Name: Della Age: 1 Children: age 5+ Dog friendly? No Other animals? No Health – No health issues, Della is a dobermann cross In the home – Della has separation anxiety so needs a home with someone around ideally in a rural environment. Out and about – Della is extremely lead reactive and is walked Read more about Della- Available[…]

Fallon- Available

Name: Fallon Age: 9 months Children: age 13+ Dog friendly? Yes, but would benefit from being an only dog Other animals? No Fallon came to us from the pound where she found herself at only 7 months old, as we don’t have any history on her we are only willing to home her with teenage Read more about Fallon- Available[…]

Leo- Available

Name: Leo Sex: M Age: 2 Children: No Dog friendly? No Other animals? No Leo joined us very reactive to strangers, we have worked on him with this and have introduced him to many people with success but it must be done very carefully. Leo is muzzle trained and isn’t interested in other dogs. Leo Read more about Leo- Available[…]

Torro- Available

Name: Torro Age: 2 Children: age 14+ Dog friendly? No Other animals? No Torro is an active whirlwind of a dog who ideally would live with someone who has private space to allow him to run. He is very reactive to large dogs but not small dogs outside of the home. He will do anything Read more about Torro- Available[…]

Roxy- Available

Name: Roxy Age: 6-7 years Sex: F Children: No Dog friendly? No Other animals? No Roxy is very good in the house, non destructive and can be left for short periods without issue. Outside of the home Roxy can become very anxious and reactive. She would suit a home where she can get most of Read more about Roxy- Available[…]

Judge- Available

Name: Judge Age: 1 Children: Teenage + Dog Friendly: No Other animals: No Judge is really struggling to cope in kennels as they really stress him out. He’s dog aggressive but happy to be walked in a muzzle, walks make him anxious as hes been previously attacked by other dogs and now goes automatically to Read more about Judge- Available[…]

Toby- Foster wanted

Name: Toby Age: 7 Children: Fine with children visiting, experience of young grandchildren, but not to live with due to his condition. Dog Friendly: No Other animals: No Toby is looking for a long term foster home as an only dog. No cats. Toby has wobblers but still enjoys short bursts of playing ball and Read more about Toby- Foster wanted[…]