Reyna- Adopted 


Reyna ideally needs to be the only dog in a childfree household or possibly with a laid back submissive bitch. It seems Reyna just cannot leave behind what ever trauma happened to her before and cannot live with a male dog or excitable bitch.

She needs an experienced home that can help this little lady overcome and heal. With people she is quite possibly the most loving Dobermann girl I’ve met, she would literally love to be the centre of someone’s world. But living with other dogs is too much for her.

Reyna has special needs and someone lucky enough to take this girl into their home will need to understand her needs, when stressed she attacks her own tummy, it sounds and looks distressing for us to see but a gentle hand and calling her name will often stop her as if nothing has happened, while with Elaine these episodes became less and less to once a day or none at all but we fully expect with moving they could start again.

She’s had many tests, vet exams and it appears to be some psychological trauma causing this to happen.

At the moment Reyna is on a specific renal diet as her kidneys and liver were showing the signs of prolonged neglect, her last blood tests were clear so we will want to test again in a couple of weeks and then discuss the possibility of her being on a quality diet or Raw.

I cannot stress just how beautiful and gentle this girl is, she walks beautifully on the lead, she listens and picks up new commands quickly.

She still has the occasional accident and can be more if something has caused upset.

If someone has that special place for Reyna to begin to fully relax and recover, please please get in touch asap.

We are moving her to kennels asap but would prefer a foster home.

Thankyou 💔 #drue #dobermanheroes #teamdrue #dobermannlove #dobermannrescueukandeurope