Max- Adopted

Our new boy Max who only arrived on Saturday went off to his new home today with David. David traveled all the way from mid Wales to come and meet Frodo, sadly Frodo was a little too bouncy for them… Fortunately for Max he was a perfect fit so off he went with a strict diet regime! Have an amazing life big boy soon to be fit and trim with all those lovely forest and beach walks!
Huge thanks to Simon, Steve,  Amanda  and the amazing staff at flushdyke ❤️

fatmax1 fatmax2

Huge welcome to Max who joins the DRUE family on Saturday.
Max is 4 years old and a really gentle boy with excellent manners. He’s great with children, small dogs and cats. All I can say about this boy is that he’s a really really good boy, a little overweight so someone will need to commit to getting this boys waist line trimmed up.
If your interested in this cuddly, gentle soul please contact Zara Hayes.