Koda- Available

New boy Koda was assessed today and wow what a boy! He passed with flying colours. There’s still a few more bits to do but handling, food, walking, social, stranger and ability wise what a guy! This dog has the ability to be something very special. He listens and is eager to please. He’s happy to follow your lead and look to you for reassurance and praise. He’s happy walking by and greeting female dogs, even when one of the very vocal boarders was having a pop he didn’t react and just looked at me who reassured and on we walked. We started out on a dogmatic but dropped to flat collar as his walking was so nice. We played ball which he loved and is happy to retrieve and place at your feet. We gave treats which were took gently. No food aggression at breakfast or dinner and none with treats. He’s happy to play by himself and with someone. He’s not dirty in his kennel and is showing no signed of S/A. So far really loving this boy! Koda is 5 years old and resides in South Wales.

Sadly Koda repeatedly hurt his tail at the Stoke kennels and has thus now been docked. Koda has a bit of a phobia of being touched around his stomach.dobermann doberman dobe dobie rescue charity rehome

dobermann doberman dobe dobie rescue charity rehome