dobermann doberman dobe dobie rescue charity rehome

Zeus X- Reserved

Please give a big warm welcome to DRUE’s newest boy 9.5 yr old Zeus. What a big huge cuddle monster this boy is. He’s just such a happy boy and loves everyone. Don’t let his age fool you ether as he’s still full of the joys of spring and a real Peter Pan. He’s child[…]

dobermann doberman dobe dobie rescue charity rehome

Coco- Reserved

Coco pup is ready for her new home. She is just 5 months old and by the time she’s ready to leave me next weekend she will of been will me for two weeks. Coco can in very stranger reactive and fearful. This has massively improved and now within a few hours of meeting a[…]

dobermann doberman dobe dobie rescue charity rehome

Kobi- Reserved

Kobi has blossomed so much and become a lovable happy boy. He walks great with a dogmatic, knows his commands and loves a ball. He’s a typical young boy who’s full of himself but won’t ever refuse a cuddle. He’ll happily play ball off leash and loves a game of tug. He’ll need an experienced[…]

dobermann doberman dobe dobie rescue charity rehome

Mya- Reserved

Beautiful miss Mya is coming back and needs a new home. Sadly the male she was placed with isn’t happy sharing his home. Mya is 2yrs old, extremely loving. Has great commands but needs a home with someone around as she does have S/A. Shes not cat tested and in the Stoke kennels.

dobermann doberman dobe dobie rescue charity rehome

Sasha- Reserved

Sasha is a 2 year old fun loving little dobermann lady. She’s great with other dogs and children and has previously lived with young children. Walks well and knows basic commands. Sasha has been known to bolt so recall needs work. She is docked and crop/flopped. Sasha is in the Stoke kennels, if you think that[…]

dobermann doberman dobe dobie rescue charity rehome

Kizmet- Reserved

Kizmet is ready to fly the nest. Wow what a difference in this girl from the terrified shut down shadow of a dobermann to an incredibly sweet and cheeky little lady she is today. So I’ll tell you a little of the personality emerging… Kismet will probably always have a degree of nervousness and fear[…]

dobermann doberman dobe dobie rescue charity rehome

Mina- Reserved

Big welcome to DRUE’s newest girl Mina, this lovely girl is 8 years old and has left a heartbroken family behind her. Mina was struggling with life with a toddler and despite trying absolutely everything it was decided that the safest thing all round was for Mina to be rehomed. Mina was originally a rescue[…]

dobermann doberman dobe dobie rescue charity rehome

Diego- Reserved

Diego arrived last weekend, a skinny friendly young dobermann boy. Sadly we had to find emergency foster care for him as after spending a couple of days in kennels he appeared to have a poorly paw. Thankfully on closer inspection it looks to be a minor infection rather than something more serious going on with[…]

Tara- Reserved 

Sadly Tara has come back to us as she just could not get on with the other resident dog. For this reason Tara would be best suited to being an only dog and with older/no children. Tara is just 3 years old and her life so far has been incredibly sad. Her life has been[…]

Zeus- Reserved

A beautiful puppy called Zeus arrived today and straight to foster/adopt with Martin Flynn! The first of many rescue dogs to travel in our van all thanks to Pentagon parts and Van centre Nottingham! Barry Oates Sara Cox Alex Webb! — with Pentagon Nottingham Vauxhall.